About Me | Lone Luna Goods

Hey! My name is Shaunessy and I am the owner of Lone Luna Goods. I live in Idaho with my husband, son, and 3 pets. Even though I didn't grow up in a horse family, I have always found ways to be around them. Whether it be pestering my friends to let me come and ride with them, working off lessons at the barn, or showing and selling lambs through 4H to pay for my own, I always made it work. I bought my first horse at 12 years old and continued owning horses until I left for college. As all of you know, college is quite expensive and time consuming so I had to take a break from horse ownership but I still continued to find ways to keep them in my life. After 5 years of riding and taking care of other peoples horses, I decided enough was enough and I started working with leather to attempt to make some extra $$$ to buy my own again.

I've always wanted to have a job that related to my love for horses so in 2021 I bought a "beginner leather kit" off of amazon and started practicing. I don't officially count the start of my shop until 2022 though when I bought my laser engraver, dedicated more time and reopened my shop. The name comes from my sweet pup Luna who at the time was my only "child" hints the "Lone". This started as a side hustle and now not only supports  my dream filly Ellie, but also makes it possible for me to be a stay at home mom with our new son.

I am so extremely grateful for the support and friendships I have made so far building my company and I can't wait to see what the future holds!