Frequently Asked Questions | Lone Luna Goods

Do you accept returns/exchanges?

 I don't except any returns or exchanges. Please triple check your spelling on custom items, I will engrave them exactly how you order. If I have made a mistake please reach out to me via email

What is your processing time? 

  Leather items are usually 5-7 business days and clothing items are 1-2 weeks since they are made to order. Holidays and vacation time do affect the processing time but it will be made known. Everything Lone Luna sells is made by me and being a new mom means that my schedule isn't always the same but orders are made and shipped as fast as possible

My item got lost in the mail or stolen, can you give me a refund or remake the item I ordered?

This is a tricky subject because once I ship the item it is out of my hands but I do realize it's not fun for anyone when a package gets lost. Please reach out to me if your item is lost in the mail but do everything on your part to solve the situation with USPS. You can talk to your local post office and there is a link on their website that will let you file a claim for a missing package. 

I am not responsible if your package is stolen. Please notify your USPS delivery driver that they need to put the package in a safe place when delivered if you live in an area where that may happen.

Do you do customs?

  I always love hearing ideas so I am open to receiving messages inquiring about customs but I can't guarantee that I will take them on. Leatherwork is very broad and each item takes multiple tools to make. With that being said, just because I work with leather doesn't mean I can make everything ;)

Do you do bulk orders?

  I only keep a certain amount of items in stock at a time that way I know I can finish orders within my processing time, but I can make as many as you need if you're willing to work with my schedule. If you are ordering more than 10 of one product, send me an email.

How do I contact you?

  email: Instagram DM's: @lonelunagoods