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Leather Noseband w/ Image or Brand (HALTER NOT INCLUDED)

Leather Noseband w/ Image or Brand (HALTER NOT INCLUDED)

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This listing is for nosebands with a design or brand. If you want the name only, I have a different listing on my shop for those nosebands.

This leather piece measures approximately 1.25” wide and 9” long. Pick your favorite font and enter your desired name or phrase that will be laser engraved onto the leather.
*PLEASE DOUBLE CHECK SPELLING. There will be no returns/refunds due to buyers error*

In the drop down menu, choose how many images you would like on your noseband.

* If you want the same image twice (ex. a flower on each side of the name) choose “one image”

*BRAND IS READY: choose if you have a brand that is in digital form (ex black or dark brand with light background)

*BRAND NEEDS EDITING: choose if you have a picture of a brand that is not in the correct format (ex. it is on an animal or a pic of the actual metal brand or a drawing)
-if you are ordering more than one noseband with a brand that needs editing with the same brand, you only need to purchase the extra editing for one noseband and the rest can be “Brand is ready”

Please message me through Etsy or by email within 24 hours of order to design the final product.

How to attach:
Two 6” pieces of eco soft lace will come included for an easy attachment to Muletape halters. Back side does come undyed and roughed out in case the buyer wants to use glue (example: clear gorilla glue) for a more secure attachment.

*If you want to order more than 10 of one item, feel free to send me a message*

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