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Mule Tape Halter with Matching Beaded Name Tag

Mule Tape Halter with Matching Beaded Name Tag

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How many colors?

*Please allow a 1-2 week processing time*

Custom horse size halter with detachable 8ft lead rope.

Put your horses' name and the halter color(s) of your choice in the description box. The beads on the halter tag will match the colors of your halter. PLEASE DOUBLE CHECK YOUR SPELLING, I will print the name exactly as it is typed and there will be no refunds or exchanges for incorrect spelling due to buyers error.

If you want 3 colors, there will be one color that is more prominent than the other two, please put an ** by the main color you would like.

Although I advertise everything as “horse size”, I can make any size from mini to draft! Just send me a message if you would like a different size.

*If you want to order more than what is available , feel free to send me a message*

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